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Specialized Programs

A simple, efficient, streamlined POS hardware supply solution is closer than you think!

Elite Display USA specializes in customized POS distribution programs tailored to fit your specific hardware needs. We will work with you to determine which sign holders are needed in your stores and create an item listing from which stores can order sign holders. Store level ordering:

  • Enables store managers to order approved products as needed. This eliminates waste and lost inventory. Elite Display can monitor usage by store and provide reports.

  • Eliminates the need to purchase and store bulk inventory which improves your cash flow. We maintain product inventory for you and invoice only as items are shipped to stores.

  • Frees up logistical and corporate personnel to handle other tasks. Fielding requests from stores and dealing with problems can be time consuming. Elite provides a single source for all POS hardware needs.

Contact us today to discover how a single-source, store-level ordering program can help you realize tremendous savings.

Phone: 1-908-418-8659
Email: Liz@elitedisplayusa.com


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